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Practitioners begin with the certain knowing that a client is already whole, perfect, and complete. Our work is to assist the client in revealing their own perfection. The Practitioner holds the confidence of clients as sacred and inviolate. What is shared in a session is never discussed with anyone except where the Practitioner is legally mandated to report specific events.

What to expect in a Practitioner Session:

  • Sessions typically last 45 minutes to one hour and may take place in person, by phone or video call.
  • Some practitioners offer recordings of the sessions. 
  • Every session begins and ends with affirmative prayer, as well as begins with a centering 
  • In this field of prayer, the practitioner assists the client in realizing the spiritual truth about their life, thus releasing false beliefs and transforming their live
  • Sessions can also include Affirmation Exercises, the Life Visioning Process, Visualizations, Relaxation  & Centering Techniques, Spiritual Tools, Meditation, Emotional Release and much more

Practitioner sessions are a professional service, and most practitioners are flexible in their fees. While some people choose to have a weekly session with their practitioner, others make appointments as needed.


Life Visioning, as originate by Rev. Michael Beckwith, is designed to reveal the Highest Vision, God's vision for your life or any endeavor you embark upon. It assists in gleaming what is possible. Visioning often provides direction and sense of knowing. We are always in choice with how to move through life. Visioning is a process that allows you to tap into and express your unique talents and gifts, discover the next steps of a project, direction in life or your unique purpose on this planet, and gain a clear vision. Practitioners facilitate and teach the life visioning process to individuals, groups, and organizations. Agape International Spiritual center was birthed and continues to develop out of this powerful process called Life Visioning. Allow yourself to see what it can do for you.


Agape practitioners are available to perform Sacred Ceremonies and rituals such as weddings, baby blessings and namings, house blessings, holy day festivities, memorial services, and other commemorative celebrations of life and seasonal events. A practitioner will work with you to create a ritual or ceremony that reflects you and your family or tribe's most authentic expression. It may incorporate such modalities as evocation, speaking, blessing, meditation, affirmative prayer, music, song, dance, poetry, art or symbolic talismans, according to your wishes, the occasion, and the individual practitioner. Above all, we know the power of consciousness and thought, and will infuse your Ceremony with the energy of Divine Oneness that will touch all who are present.


Agape Practitioners are trained to maintain a Prayerful presence, holding the High Watch aka to Hold Vigil.  They are maintaining a steadfast awareness of Harmony, Grace, and Divine Order.  Agape Practitioners bring an awareness to that perfection that is unfolding as everything and everyone all the time.  They are opening up a space for the greatest unfolding of all intention to come forth.  Through Holding Vigil they set a vibrational tone that allows for a knowingness of the excellence that is being uniquely expressed through everyone and everything.  Vigil is the guiding and supporting force to allow everyone to see and reveal the truth.  The unwavering knowing of the presence of God.


Why just have an informational Speaker at your next event or meeting. When you can have a Inspirational, Motivational and Transformational Speaker!. Practitioners are dynamic speakers who know how to bring Ageless Wisdom Principles to every day living in a way that ignites "I CAN" attitude and opens an field of infinite possibilities and potentialities.  


Meditation is a technique for arriving at a state of inner quietude through which our inner voice becomes active.  Increasing intuitive capacity to receive direct guidance from within and uplifting the spirit in a stat of conscious union, ones with the Higher Self. As a personal spiritual practice, meditation is considered the cornerstone of the practitioner's deepening of his/her communion with Spirit. As a personal spiritual practice, meditation is considered the cornerstone of the practitioner's deepening of his/her communion with Spirit. 

Practitioners are trained meditation guides and are able to help support individuals group to create and maintain and unbreakable awareness of Divinity. We teach meditation techniques and tools supporting individuals, groups, or organizations to create a meditation practice or deepen the one they already have. Benefits of learning and practicing meditation are productivity, inner peace, happiness, centeredness, and calmness.


As a teacher Practitioners assist students in discover, uncover, and tap into their own inner knowing and express their unique greatness. Practitioners teach Universal Spiritual Principles/Ageless Wisdom Principles and how to incorporate them as tools for living. Taking Practitioner Workshops & Classes allows you to deepen, expand your awareness, learn how to use spiritual tools and techniques to bring more joy, uncover your unique talents and gifts, know your purpose, and deepen a sense of meaning. 


Agape practitioners are trained facilitators. Holding the consciousness of Oneness, we bring this Presence to all we are involved in. We are adept at leading groups and meetings. Adept at the art of compassionate listening and beholding the Truth of the persons before us, Agape practitioners facilitate and can mediate any group or meeting in an atmosphere of Truth and Love. Holding the Highest Vision and outcome for the meeting, group or organization. 

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