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Agape Licensed SPIRITUAL Practitioners (ALSP)


OUr Mission Statement 

We, The Agape Sacred Order of Practitioners are a COMMITTED, loving presence Dedicated to the realization of Oneness through prayer, meditation, and compassionate Service, anchoring a consciousness of truth and wholeness in the agape community and the world at large


We the practitioners, the healing arm of the Agape International Spiritual Center, consecrate our lives to these principles:

      • To Practice the Presence of God
      • To center ourselves through daily meditation and affirmative prayer
      • To behold the fullness of God in all as all
      • To serve God through teaching, healing and  revealing the Truth
      • To dwell in unconditional love, peace and  thanksgiving
      • To dedicate ourselves to spiritual unfoldment
      • To surrender to Divine Wisdom in joyous celebration

What is aN ALSP?

Being an Agape Licensed Spiritual Practitioner (ALSP) is a calling and a lifelong commitment.

A professional Practitioner is a licensed spiritual counselor and guide, who has answered the call to put God first and foremost in his/her life. An Agape Practitioner has engaged in a rigorous consciousness building process which includes specific studies that apply to and prepare the student for advanced participation in spiritual community. The principles of New Thought Ageless Wisdom as taught at Agape University are the foundation of this training which is intended to develop skills associated with the art of spiritual counseling, community building and spiritual leadership.  This specific course of study allows the student to recognize the power of consciousness and understand Universal Spiritual Principles which, when applied in earnest, can uplift, heal and provide comfort to those who come to him or her for prayer and spiritual counseling. An Agape Practitioner turns first to prayer and meditation as spiritual technology in healing and counseling others. 


The Practitioner Brochure

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