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We Pray

    • Without Ceasing
    • Affirmatively
    • As a Daily Practice                                                                  We are Prayer Warriors   
    • In The Prayer Ministry
    • After Services
    • With Our Clients

WE counsel

    • Spiritually- Seeing Your Wholeness & Perfection 
    • In Live Visioning
    • To Live in Possibility                                   We Hold the Highest Vision for Your Life
    • During Challenges & Crisis
    • Individuals, Families, Couples, Children & Groups

WE are silent

    • In Meditation 
    • As a Daily Practice              We Hold an Unbreakable Awareness of The Divine 
    • Remain Prayerful 
    • To Cultivate an Inner Listening & Knowing
    • Hold Vigil for the Highest Outcome at services, events, classes and meetings

We Teach 

    • By Example
    • Spiritual Principles and Tools 
    • Classes                                                                              We are Spiritual Teachers
    • Workshops
    • Through Our Inner Visions Magazine

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